JLT Edge Gluing Accessories

  • Additional #302-40-H-R Clamp Arms
  • #138B Plate Spreader
  • #150B Redi Spreaders
  • #180A Pneumatic Panel Flattener
  • 79-16 Manual Panel Flattener
  • 80-1706 Rocker Plates Clamp Extensions

#79Z- Hand Held Pneumatic Clamp Tightener

Tightens Clamps to that Perfect Glue Line Pressure with Ease

#180A-M2 Pneumatic Panel Flattener

Flattens Bowed Panel Stock material for a better Panel. The Perfect Accessory for a JLT Panel Clamp

79-16 – Manual Panel Flattener

Successfully Hold Wood Components Flat While Tightening the Clamps on you JLT Panel Clamp

#150B – Redi-Spreader Glue Applicator

A Valuable Addition to the JLT 6’, 8’ and 12’ Panel Clamp for the Custom Woodworking Shop

Rocker Plate Clamp Extensions

Increase the Gluing Capacity and Versatility of your JLT Panel Clamp Arms

#302-40-H-R JLT Clamp Arms

Additional JLT Clamps with T-Handles for Tightening